Villa Roncuzzi is located just 14 km from Ravenna, a beautiful city full of art and history, often underestimated as a tourist destination, but which has a lot to offer. A real hidden gem!

Ravenna is famous throughout the world for its mosaics, which can be found in multiple churches of the city. One of the most famous is certainly the floor of the crypt of the Basilica of San Francesco, which lies below sea level and is therefore a unique sight to see. But you can admire many other things, from the tomb of Dante, to buildings declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

In addition to history and art, Ravenna offers a delicious gastronomy. Famous for the first courses, Ravenna will make you taste tortellini, cappelletti and other delicious delicacies. Without forgetting the second courses from the sea, such as fish balls.

Located a stone throw from the sea, Ravenna also has several places in which you can go out in the evening, to have a drink or listen to some music in company.

In short, a spectacular city, rich in history, culture, art, entertainment and close to the sea to offer fun and relaxation in equal parts to you and your family.