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How to reach Ravenna - Relais Villa Roncuzzi

People who come from the south of Italy:
A14 Highway until Forlì (SS67 Ravegnana to Coccolia - Ghibullo - Roncalceci - San Pancrazio di Russi)

People who come from E45:
(Roma - Perugia - San Sepolcro - Cesena nord) - A14 Highway from Cesena nord to Forlì - SS67 Ravegnana - Coccolia - Ghibullo - Roncalceci - San Pancrazio di Russi.

People who come from Bologna:
A14 Highway to Ancona - Ravenna's junction until to Bagnacavallo - Russi. From Russi SP 5 (Provincial Road) to S. Pancrazio di Russi (RA).

People who come from Ravenna:
SS16 Adriatica (Statal Street) to Faenza (Fornace -Zarattini) to San Michele - Godo; from Godo, junction on left to San Pancrazio di Russi (RA).

To travel by train: railway station of Russi
(from the north) railway service from Bologna to Ravenna; from Ravenna to Russi
(from the south) railway service from Ancona to Rimini or Faenza; from Rimini or Faenza to Ravenna; from Ravenna to Russi

20 km

per Bagnacavallo 66 km circa.

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